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Helping the deforestation by drinking more Cachaça Novo Fogo

More than 300 species of native Brazilian trees are threatened today, including many of those used in making barrels for aging cachaça. But perhaps due to growing commercial opportunity or the lack of information, some distillers continue to employ these disappearing woods indiscriminately. In 2018, Novo Fogo started a project called the Un-Endangered Forest. Their project is to help researchers and scientists save native trees threatened by deforestation. The project, and the distillery itself, is a model for locally focused sustainability. Novo Fogo plans on recovering forest, meaning lands that were cut down and are in the process of growing back. Visitors to the distillery have the chance to plant their own sample on the property.

This project, as well as others, are part of the company's sustainability program, which produces organic cachaça, with all respect for the environment as well as the manufacturing process, ensuring that it's products are of higher quality and have less impact on the environment. Located in the Atlantic Forest's heart, the second-largest Brazilian forest, this distillery could not be in a better setting. If you want to know more about this project and help them, check their website and keep drinking their Cachaça and help the environment. Bottles you should consider buying: Novo fogo 3 Year Old (that boutique-y Cachaça company) ,Avuá cachaça, Novo Fogo, Yaguara and Samanaú.

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